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Nat. Preservation Confrerence TN Scholarship Application

Tennessee Scholarships available for National Preservation Conference:
Nashville, October 13-17, 2009

Applications are due June 1, 2009
Click here for an application

Who is eligible?
College students, retirees, community volunteers, working professionals... anyone interested in enhancing their community through historic preservation and economic development can benefit from the conference and should consider applying for a scholarship. More than ever, historic preservation includes people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, geographic regions, academic disciplines, and professional careers. To support this positive trend and to expand the preservation movement, scholarships are available to attend the National Preservation Conference. Tennessee Scholarships are available to Tennessee residents only.

What is the National Preservation Conference?
The National Trust for Historic Preservation's annual conference is the premier educational and networking event for community leaders, volunteers, and staff working towards preservation goals. With approximately 100 educational and field sessions, special lectures, and networking opportunities, it is an excellent source for information, ideas, and inspiration. Participants return to their communities with successful tactics and lessons from colleagues across the country.

The 2009 National Preservation Conference, "Sustaining the Future in Harmony with Our Pasts," will be held in Nashville, October 13-17, 2009. Whether you are interested in environmental and sustainable practices, Modernism + Recent Past, finance and real estate, downtown revitalization, or one of dozens of other topics, there is something for you. For the most up-to-date information about all aspects of the 2009 conference, go to

What is the Tennessee Scholarship?
A Tennessee Scholarship covers full conference registration and one ticketed educational or field session. It does not cover transportation or lodging. Funded in part by the Tennessee Historical Commission, one hundred (100) scholarships are available to Tennessee residents. These scholarships are intended to ensure that the state's cultural, economic, and geographical diversity are well represented at the conference.

When should I apply?
Now. The Tennessee Scholarship application deadline is June 1, 2009.

Where do I apply?
Applications can be downloaded here and only take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Follow the mailing instructions on the application or fax the three-page application back to 615-898-5614.

Why should I apply?
So that you do not miss this rare opportunity to attend a National Preservation Conference so close to home. Travel and lodging will never be as easy for many of the state's residents as they are this year.

The Tennessee Scholarship Program is administered through the Center for Historic Preservation at Middle Tennessee State University.
For questions, please contact Anne-Leslie Owens at 615-494-8938 or

Who in YOUR community should apply for a Tennessee Scholarship? Send in an application yourself and forward this email on to others. Thanks!