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URGENT Overton Square Notice!!!

May 20, 2009

Our plan to have a conversation with AWG (Associated Wholesale Grocers) about their proposed development at Overton Square has not been successful. After many attempts to reach various officers of the company we have yet to be given the courtesy of a returned call. Our request for a meeting to discuss their plans and possible alternates fell on deaf ears. We had hoped that they would be willing to meet with Memphis Heritage and other groups/stakeholders that are concerned about the plan they are proposing.

Since they will not communicate with us it appears we must rally the voices of those that do not want to see this area of Overton Square bulldozed for an inappropriate and undesired development in the heart of midtown. The owners of the property (Fisher Capital) and the proposed developers (AWG) do not seem to understand the importance of this area to local residents and other Memphians. Unfortunately they see it as just another piece of land for low suburban sprawl, strip development. We feel it needs to be a much more defined urban space with more density such as a town center or an entertainment district, etc.

Fisher Capital continues to say that the buildings are "obsolete" and are not worth saving. The owners have not been willing to make needed repairs to the property to prevent its deterioration. In addition,based on information we have received from past tenants, the present owners have forced the relocation of over 7 retail/shops after saying in public that they have not been able to rent the space after trying for over 10 years!

We are asking that you let your opinion be known to the developers, AWG, and to the present owners, Fisher Capital. We are asking that they enter into a dialogue with stakeholders in the area to change their present development plans for Overton Square. Below is their contact information.

Thank you,
June Waddell West Please email and call them today. Thank you!
Executive Director
Memphis Heritage, Inc

Contacts at Associated Wholesale Grocers:

Jerry Garland, President and CEO

Bob Walker, Executive Vice president and CFO

Mike Rand, Chief Operating Officer

Steve Dillard, Vice President Corporate Sales Development

Corporate phone: 913-288-1000
Fax: 913-288-1587

Mailing address: Corporate offices for AWG

Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
5000 Kansas Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66106

A W G Memphis Division
8561 Aaron Ln.
Southaven, MS 38671
Phone: 662-342-4410
Owners of property: Fisher Capital
5619 DTC Parkway, Suite 1150
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Blake Fisher, real estate

Don Fisher, co-founded Fisher Capital
Scott FIsher, finance
Phone: 303.414.9900 No other emails available other than


For those of you who have not already seen this, below is an excerpt from an article in the MHI May June Keystone:

More tenants moved out to make way for Proposed Demolition at Overton Square

Memphis Heritage is continuing its coverage of the proposed plans for the south side of Overton Square. We have recently been told that the owners of the property chose not to honor the last year of Fantastic Sam's lease.
This raises suspicion that the owners are clearing out the tenants of the first two structures on the south side in order to move forward with the plan for demolishing the historic buildings that face Madison and Cooper............

Preliminary plans released by the local media have said that the historic buildings along Cooper and Madison would be demolished and a box type grocery store would be developed in the southwest corner of the large parking lot area. MHI held an earlier meeting several months ago that brought local architects, planners and community representatives together to discuss alternative types of development that might better suit the neighborhood. If you are interested in participating in this ongoing discussion please email and asked to be put on our MHI email list.

As always,
Thank you for your support and for helping Memphis Heritage give our past a future.

June Waddell West
Executive Director
Memphis Heritage, Inc.