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Volunteers Needed This Saturday

The Memphis Heritage Preservation Posse will be at it again THIS Saturday, May 23 at 9:00 am.

We need Volunteers to help unload Architectural Salvage from a full moving van and into storage. These are items that will be sold at our 2009 Architectural Auction.

We are asking our volunteers to meet us at Memphis Heritage/Howard Hall, 2282 Madison at Edgewood at 9:00am. We expect to be finished between NOON or 1pm at the latest. Sheriff Dave Early will yet again be leading the crew. If you need to reach Dave, call his cell at 901.355.6516.

Elements that we store will be sold at our 2009 Architectural Auction. This auction is held every two years to raise dollars for Memphis Heritage to continue to exist and to be the voice of Historic Preservation in Memphis and Shelby County.

If you can come to this Posse roundup please call Dave's cell at 901.355.6516, or email and let us know.

Thanks for your continued support!