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Memphis Heritage Needs Your Support!

It is our mission to serve the community as the
voice for Historic Preservation in our City and County.

Many of you may not know that MHI does not receive any funding except through private donations and memberships. We do a lot with a very small operating budget but we need everyone to pitch in to help keep us moving forward.
We know not everyone can afford a membership so we are asking if you can please donate $3.00 for your choice of :

"Bumper Stickers that will change the way you think"...
Your $3.00 really can make a difference !

Bumper Stickers With a Purpose

Often we see bumper stickers as a representation of who the drivers are. Just as politicians use bumper stickers to reach their constituents, Memphis Heritage needs to do the same. Preserving our historic landmarks not only helps us environmentally but it can also save money, plus it provides Memphians with a sense of pride and identity.

Won't you become a supporter of "our ultimate recycling" today?

Even if you don't put stickers on your car, purchasing one will support a cause you believe in and help us continue our work into the future!

Make a difference in your community by supporting the cause and creating community awareness for Memphis Heritage.

"You'll be giving our past a future!"

Check out our Web site here for more information on how to make your donation!