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New Life for C&I Building

(Gates of Memphis image)

The following article was recently in the Memphis Business Journal.

Memphis Business Journal - by Andy Ashby

Visible School has a contract to purchase the former C&I Bank building at 200 Madison from the Greater Memphis Chamber for $1.05 million, with plans to move in by summer 2010.

The iconic, slant-roofed Downtown property would give the Christian music college more room for students and a higher profile for recruiting and fundraising.

“It’s really a perfect solution,” says John Moore, president and CEO of the Chamber. “We not only wanted to sell the building, but we wanted it to serve some purpose relative to the mission of the Chamber and our goals from an economic growth and development perspective for Memphis.”

Visible School started in Lakeland in 2000 with makeshift educational space in one building and a Days Inn as dorms.