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Midtown Welcomes Chick-fil-a!

(image from the Commercial Appeal)
Have You Seen the New
Chick-fil-A in Town?!

We hope many of you have had a chance to visit the new Chick-fil-A on Union Ave. The site is spectacular. The company's efforts to make a wonderful seating and entertainment area using the fa├žade of the Cumberland Presbyterian Archives Building far surpassed our expectations.

It is not often that a major corporation listens to the community's interest and puts this type of effort and dollars into making a project one we can all be proud of. It was a compromise that works.

Memphis Heritage asks that our supporters thank the folks at Chick-fil-A for being sensitive to our wishes and creating a very special development in Midtown.

The owner/ operators of the Union store
are terrific people. When you're there tell Steve and Ann Collins thanks too!!!

To the left are the emails of the CFA folks that made it happen.
Let's thank them!

June Waddell West
Memphis Heritage, Inc.