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You voice is needed October 20th!

Dear Memphis Heritage Supporter,
(sorry for the short notice. I was at the National Trust for Historic Preservation Annual Conference last week and just got the news on this important issue.)
Please come to the Tuesday Oct 20th City Council meeting at 3:30 pm at City Hall. Subject:1258 Harbert Triplex Public Hearing Before City Council
Please see the email below from our friends in the Annesdale Park Historic District.
As you will read, a developer from Collierville, TN is trying to take a property in this historic district and turn it into a triplex. It was built originally as a single family home.
Annesdale Park has covenants that if a property is not rented for a year that it is to revert back to a single family residence. Please support them on this issue in whatever way you can and voice your concerns to the City Council. The good health of Annesdale Park is important to all Historic Neighborhood Districts. At stake here is that it sets a precedent. Once a precedent is set to overturn the decisions of the Land Use Control Board regarding this issue all historic neighborhoods become at risk. When decisions by the Land Use Control Board are overturned in this manner we begin to lose the relevance of this important component for good planning and development in our City and weaken its power.
"Please write to all of the city council members via email and voice your concerns."
Some points to mention regarding this case:
Annesdale Park is an old Historic Memphis Neighborhood whose residents
pay city and county taxes. Mr. Loper is a resident of Collierville and is an absentee landlord. They were the first district on the National Register of Historic Places in
Memphis. The AP neighborhood was designated as a Historic Preservation District in 1989 and permanently downzoned to single family. They have worked hard to maintain the integrity of the historic district as well as being a sustainable, livable neighborhood. They have a strong neighborhood association with a 40% increase in membership during this past year.
Members of Planning and Zoning: Morrison, Collins, Fullilove, Hedgepeth, Swearengen-Ware

Members on the Public Service Neighborhoods Committee :
Brown, Ware, Boyd, Conrad, Fullilove and Morrison

Members of Housing and Community Development Committee: Brown,
Strickland, Halbert, Swearengen-Ware

THE OVERVIEW From: "Cathy Winterburn" <>

Once again we need to rally for Annesdale Park and oppose Mr. Brett Loper who is appealing the decision of the Land Use Control Board before the City Council on Tuesday, October 20 to use the house at 1258 Harbert as a Triplex.

As you may recall, we won our presentation before the Land Use Control Board back in August. However, one is allowed to appeal via a public hearing before the City
Council. Mr. Loper has chosen this route.

To recap:
Back in February 09, Andrew McGill and I informed Mr. Loper that the property had sat empty for a year. Even though it was remodeled as a duplex after being a child care center, this was against zoning, and once it sat empty for a year, it had to revert to our current zoning which is single family (unless something is grandfathered in and maintains its use).
When Mr. Loper started work on the house, we reported it to the Landmarks Commission who issued a stop work order. Even though this order was issued, he continued to work, especially on the weekends, and added an addition to the
second story. He misled Landmarks about what he was doing.