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Volunteer Opportunities from our friends in Nashville

Dear Supporters,

Habitat for Humanity in Nashville has taken an historic step for preservation in Tennessee, but we need your volunteer assistance. TPT has been working with Nashville Metro Historical Commission, Historic Nashville Inc.,MSTU Center for Historic Preservation, and the Tennessee Historical Commission to encourage Habitat for Humanity in Nashville to rehabilitate houses rather than their traditional practice of demolition and rebuilding. Habitat has agreed to do a trial project in Nashville at 704 Meridian St. that involves a wonderful coalition of the aforementioned preservation groups and the Metro Development and Housing Agency, who donated the property to Habitat. TPT has assisted with technical advice and guidance with Habitat’s contractor, and we all have agreed to work together and provide volunteers for the traditional Habitat for Humanity work days.

This project will become a model project for Habitats across the state and will be the beginning of saving historic buildings, rather than seeing them demolished for Habitat Projects.

Habitat has requested volunteer assistance for this historic project on the following two days: (10-20 needed each day)

Where: 704 Meridian Street, Nashville, TN 37207

When: Saturday, March 27 - exterior prepping & painting

Saturday, April 3 - interior prepping & painting, general clean up, finishing exterior painting

As Scarlet Miles discusses in her email below this is true hands-on preservation and these volunteer work days are a critical financial element to making this project possible.

Please volunteer a day of work for this important, historic project, and be a hands-on part of making preservation history in Tennessee. Your volunteering will make this critical project a success, and set the stage for saving thousands of structures across the state.

Times and details are listed in Scarlett’s letter below and you should send in your volunteer information to HNI board president David Price at

Please contact me for any questions you may have, and we hope to see you there.


Dan Brown

Executive Director

Tennessee Preservation Trust

P.O. Box 24373

Nashville, TN 37202


Mobile 615.818.6977