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Midtown Overlay Zoning Meeting Reminder

REMINDER: The meeting to discuss the Midtown Overlay Zoning will be THIS Wednesday, JUNE 23rd AT 5:30 - 7 PM At Circuit Playhouse (Old Playhouse on the Square)

(Click map to enlarge)

The Memphis Regional Design Center in conjunction with the Memphis & Shelby County Division of Planning and Development, the Midtown Memphis Development Corporation, the Cooper Young Development Corporation, and the Cooper Young Business Association is pleased to announce the launch of efforts to develop a plan for the future of Midtown Memphis. The Midtown Plan will include an overlay district that will cover areas of Midtown that are not currently covered by the Medical District Overlay or the various Historic District overlays indicated on the map above. The yellow areas with a red boarder indicate areas of Midtown that will be studied in the coming months to develop guidelines that will help direct redevelopment in the area. While providing specific design requirements that will ensure that proper development is occuring in Midtown, the plan will also give developers some predictability, increasing the vitality and economic stability of the area