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E-mail your council member...

For those of you who have not written/emailed to
all members of the council here is a short cut:

1)Simply paste the list of addresses below in your email address to: line.

2) Write in subject line: CVS Midtown

3) Your message can be as simple as:

"Say NO to the Midtown CVS issue on Tuesday, August 24th."

4) Then hit Send.

......and you will have done your part to stand

up for Midtown Memphis and Historic Preservation.

This issue is going to be a close one.

Support Midtown Memphis by making your voice heard NOW!

REMINDER Please lend your support, and attend this very important meeting:

TUESDAY August 24th AT 3:30 pm

1st Floor City Council Chambers - 125 N. Main St
CVS is appealing the Land Use Control Board's rejection of their project to demolish the Union Ave. Methodist Church at Union and Cooper

Parking is easiest in the Mud Island garage. Entry is straight in from Poplar Avenue, then go to the ground floor and walk across Front St to City Hall.