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Help Union Avenue Methodist Church!


PLEASE Donate now to the legal fund and help us continue our efforts to prevent demolition of this 100 year old historic church property


The chain link fence went up around Union Ave Methodist Church this week but CVS does not yet have a demolition permit. A second lawsuit has been filed requesting a temporary restraining order to prevent demolition, it is unclear how or why CVS was able to close on the property with an active lawsuit pending.

Come to the RALLY this Saturday, see MAC's notice below:

The Midtown Action Coalition is calling for all interested citizens to come to the site of the Union Avenue Methodist Church on Saturday, Feb. 26th at 10:00 AM and show their support for pending litigation to prevent CVS Pharmacy from demolishing the church and erecting a drug store. We will be joined by members of Idlewild and Central Gardens neighborhood associations, Memphis Heritage and other Midtown activists in picketing the site and showing our extreme displeasure at the irresponsible conduct CVS and Redd Realty have exhibited during this entire controversy. This issue is not yet resolved. We will neither cease voicing our concerns nor give up our attempts to open a dialogue with executives of CVS, despite their stubborn refusal to address the real concerns of the neighborhood.

If you have any questions, email