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Bojo's Razed

The demolition of Bojo's Antique Mall at the corner of Summer Ave and N. Highland St has begun. A Family Dollar will be built in it's place. The building was built in 1932 with over 44,000 square feet and started out as Fortner's Fine Furniture run by Frank and Walter Fortner. Sometime from when the store opened until it closed in 1985 Fortner's acquired the iconic 15 foot Sealy Posturepedic clock. Robert Griffin bought the location about 20 years ago and turned it into Bojo's. The Fortner family has made plans to save the clock and possibly restore it. They would like to see it on top of another Memphis business ticking away. Family Dollar paid $480,000 for the location in November and plans to open this winter.

That part of Summer Ave has been named Frank Kelly Fortner. It was a Christmas present to Susan Hedgepeth (Frank's daughter) from her son Councilman Reid Hedgepeth.